Tuesday, September 26

Park Nam Jung weighs the prospects of his second daughter’s entertainment industry debut after STAYC’s Sieun

Singer Park Nam Jung revealed that he is contemplating whether his second daughter should debut in the entertainment industry or not.

On June 7, Park Nam Jung appeared as a guest on a web entertainment show and talked about the future of his second daughter Park Si Woo, the younger sister of STAYC’s Sieun.

He shared, “My first daughter Sieun has settled down somewhat in the entertainment industry with the idol group STAYC. However, I’m worried about my second daughter Siwoo. Siwoo is also considering debuting in the entertainment industry while attending the Korea National University of Arts. However, she worries if she can debut in the Korean entertainment industry like her sister Sieun.”

He continued to elaborate, “Sieun took the proper steps to debut in the entertainment industry. Sieun seized the opportunity when she was young and put in blood-shedding efforts to stand on stage. I think Siwoo saw that and is already worrying. However, I want her to not worry and I want to create an environment where Siwoo can relax and not be in such a hurry.”

Meanwhile, Park Nam Jung gained explosive popularity among female fans in the late 1980s with his handsome appearance and splendid dancing skills. His oldest daughter Sieun made her debut with the group STAYC in 2020.

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