Tuesday, November 29

Patrick Peterson trolls Kyler Murray with ‘Call of Duty’ celebration after Cardinals QB throws interception

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Patrick Peterson and Kyler Murray were teammates in Arizona for the final two years of the cornerback’s tenure with the Cardinals. Still, that didn’t prevent Peterson from throwing a jab at the quarterback in the midst of the Vikings’ 34-26 win on Sunday in Minnesota. 

With fewer than six minutes remaining in the third quarter, Murray threw an interception to Harrison Smith. After the play, the entire Vikings defense went into the end zone to celebrate the pick. During that, Peterson could be seen mockingly putting on a headset and playing with a controller, mimicking playing a video game.  

“I think it’s called Call of Duty?” Peterson said postgame when asked about what game he was pretending to play during the celebration. “I’m not much of a gamer. Heard it just came out.”

Murray is an avid gamer, and that hobby garnered attention earlier this year when the quarterback inked a $230.5 million extension with the franchise. Initially, there was a clause in that new deal that mandated that Murray complete four hours of independent game study per week, which implied that he was not doing the necessary things to be ready on game day. That clause, however, was eventually taken out of his deal.  

Specifically, Murray is a fan of the “Call of Duty” franchise, and a Reddit user discovered this summer that the quarterback’s statistical output decreased whenever a new edition of the game was released along with “Double XP” weekend, where you can essentially earn double the amount of points your normally would. 

So, that’s where the origin of Peterson’s troll resides, and he was quick to pull it out against his former teammate when the moment called for it. 

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