Wednesday, September 27

Pax Plus Sale: Take 20% off This High-Tech Weed Vape

Any bud enthusiast will know the name Pax. It is, after all, one of the leading brands in weed vapes. And the Pax Plus is, hands down, the best vape we’ve ever tested—and believe us: We’ve tested a lot. Despite the unofficial weed holiday having come and gone, the Pax Plus is still on sale. Now, we’re not sure if Pax didn’t get the memo that Cheech and Chong’s favorite day has passed, but take advantage of this epic Pax Plus deal—a whopping 20% off—before it evaporates into a cloud of smoke (or vapor).

The Pax Plus reigns supreme thanks to its superior vapors and its intuitive controls for both amateur and pros in the weed vape game. Whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates, the Plus can do it all. One of the most satisfying parts of using the vaporizer is its button-free interface. Instead, users activate the device whenever their lips touch the mouthpiece. The customer service is also exceptional, with Pax offering an impressive 10-year warranty, which, as we said in our original review, “[guarantees] at least a decade’s worth of premium pulls.”

Hurry and take advantage of this piping-hot deal while it’s still active. And for the non-tokers among us, we have eight more epic gear deals to pull you through the weekend.

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