Friday, June 2

Pumpkin spice returns: Oreo announces fall flavor is back after five years

It might not seem like pumpkin spice season is upon us yet, but it is creeping in. Oreo is one of the first brands to announce the summer return of their fall flavor – the Pumpkin Spice cookie, which hasn’t been available since 2017.

The cookie, which has pumpkin spice cream sandwiched between two golden Oreos, will hit shelves on Aug. 15, the brand announced on social media on Wednesday. 

While August may seem early to introduce a classic fall flavor, pumpkin spice lovers rejoiced on social media. And Oreo isn’t the only brand expected to make a pumpkin spice announcement this month.

Starbucks typically brings their Pumpkin Spice Latte in August, as does Dunkin’. Neither has yet to announce the return drinks for the coveted drinks, but they are expected to in the near future. 

However, those beloved lattes could cost more this year, as the price of coffee has steadily increased. In 2021, coffee prices reached a new multi-year high and earlier this year, Starbucks announced a price hike – its third since October last year.

But there are many more pumpkin spice products to covet. Cheerios, Jell-O pudding, Swiss Miss hot cocoa, Thomas’ English muffins and even Cup Noodles – yes, ramen – have come in pumpkin spice flavors. 

It is unclear if and when those pumpkin spice products will be re-introduced this year, but if they follow the typical timeline, it could be late summer – not fall. 

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