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Residence Inn Kapolei – A Travel Guide To Kapolei in Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha! The world is slowly getting back to normal as far as traveling is concerned. So, here I am again, exploring what the world has to offer!

After my trip to California, I’m now enjoying my time in Hawaii! I’ve already told myself that 2022 will be a year full of adventures. Will be visiting more countries that I’ve never been to and countries that I’d love to go back to. 

While staying in California, I thought of doing something relaxing and adventurous at the same time (you know how fearless I am in relation to traveling, haha!) And what is one of the best places for that? Hawaii!

From its big stunning islands to smaller breathtaking ones, Hawaii surely is the place you’ll go back to for a much-needed “Vitamin Sea” and for an island escapade. Had a blast in Oahu especially since I was given an opportunity to stay at Residence Inn Kapolei and was able to enjoy the place easily!

Residence Inn Kapolei A Travel Guide To Kapolei in Oahu, Hawaii

When it comes to relaxation, especially if it’s Hawaii we’re talking about, choosing a place to stay is as important. It might be difficult to choose from all the hotels, inns, or hostels that are in Hawaii but trust me, Residence Inn Kapolei in Oahu is what I highly recommend if you decide to stay outside the Waikiki area!

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A lot of people may know Waikiki, but Oahu Island also has another gem that you should visit- Kapolei. Kapolei is located in the western part of Oahu and is known for its large water park which is unique in the area. Not only that but it is also called the “Second City” of Oahu in connection with Honolulu! If you’re not familiar with this city, let me introduce it to you as I share my amazing stay here.

Things To Do In and Near Kapolei, Hawaii

1. Explore Beaches and Lagoons

Since you’re on an island, it would be surprising if you don’t explore beaches and lagoons. In Kapolei, here are the beaches I recommend you visit so you can appreciate more this wonderful place.

  • Ko Olina Lagoons – Comprising 4 ponds, located in Ko Olina. The most beautiful sunset on Oahu is seen from one of these lagoons. It’s really worth going here and exploring the area.
  • Paradise Cove Beach – A fantastic beach opposite the Paradise Cove luau (the most famous on Oahu). Paradise Cove Beach has clear sand and crystal clear water.
  • Kahe Point Beach Park – It is certainly the best spot for snorkeling. Kahe Point Beach Park is a small beach, with many people enjoying marine life. The diving area is very wide that you can find lots of fish and turtles! There is also room for scuba and deep-sea fishing.

2. Try Local Restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants to go to in Kapolei, but here are some of them that you should visit:

  • Island Vintage Coffee Ko Olina – There are many restaurants in Ko Olina’s shopping center, but this coffee shop is near the entrance. There are many drink menus such as coffee, as well as sweets like acai balls, and a meal menu that you should definitely try.
  • Ama Ama Restaurant – Ama Ama is one of the restaurants at Disney Aulani Resort. In addition to the wonderful view of the lagoon (romantic sunsets included), the service is great and the food is unbeatably good!
  • Monkeypod Kitchen – Monkeypod Kitchen has many craft beers from all over the world! It is also always crowded, so it’s better to make a reservation.
  • Roy’s Restaurant – It is adjacent to Ko Olina Station, about a 10-minute walk from Aulani Disney. Roy’s Restaurant is something like Asian fusion cuisine with a little Japanese flavor.
  • Fish House at Four Seasons, Oahu – Seafood! The location of the restaurant is excellent with the sea in front of you so you know you’ll have very memorable dining.

3. Go Shopping at Kapolei Shopping Center

If you’re a shopaholic, then Kapolei is the best place for you if you’re in Hawaii! Kapolei is a city in Oahu that is rich with shops and restaurants. There are over 30 local and international shops that you can choose from. You can walk around and always find something interesting to buy (so remember to always bring enough budget for your trip, hehe).

4. Challenge Your Adrenaline Rush at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

If you’re not into shopping, no worries! You’re still on an island, and there are plenty of activities in Kapolei that will surely bring you memorable moments! Kapolei is the home to the island’s only water park, Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii. Here, you can try different types of rides such as Hawaiian Waters which is a wave pool, the Tornado (a 130-foot tunnel), Raging River, Kapolei Cooler, Big Kahuna, Flyin’ Hawaiian, Da Flowrider, and many more that will challenge your adrenaline rush! 

5. Book Tours, Cruises, and Excursions

Residence Inn Kapolei A Travel Guide To Kapolei in Oahu, Hawaii

When you’re in Hawaii, this is a must-do! Make sure you’ll get to do whale-watching, dolphins, turtles, sailing, snorkeling, and more! Just remember to always follow strict protocol guidelines to ensure the safeness of all marine wildlife.

Where To Stay in Kapolei, Hawaii

Residence Inn Kapolei considers itself to be the anchor of Kapolei since you’re just minutes away from beaches, shopping, and activities such as waterpark, hikes, etc. For this reason, you can maximize your time while staying on the island– and that’s what I did!

If you’re the type who likes having a fun night, Residence Inn Kapolei also conducts nightly entertainment events for guests:

  • Monday – Trivia
  • Tuesday – Paint Paina
  • Wednesday – Movie Night at the pool
  • Thursday – Paint Paina
  • Friday- Live music
  • Saturday – Live music
  • Sunday- Karaoke night

With all these entertainments, each day and night of your stay here is guaranteed to be full of excitement.


Want more? Residence Inn Kapolei also knows how to value and appreciate local businesses. Every day from 4 PM to 8 PM, they host 3-5 local food trucks so guests and the community can support locals. In short, staying here not only benefits you and the hotel but the local businesses as well! 

Residence Inn Kapolei

This row of food trucks in front of the hotel sells a variety of food that you can try as an option for dinner. For this reason, you’ll also get the chance to interact with the local people which is not very common in Waikiki. 

If you’re traveling with your fur baby, not a problem! Residence Inn is also a pet-friendly place so you and your pet can both have a great time!

Suites in Residence Inn Kapolei

Residence Inn Kapolei

Staying in Residence Inn Kapolei is like having to feel like you’re living in the hotel itself. All the rooms are well-planned which shows by the efficiency they offer. They are equipped with a large desk, complimentary internet, and a kitchen so you can make a quick snack after a long day in Kapolei, you can also watch amazing shows with their 49″ LED TV. There are literally a lot of comforts that their rooms offer – from Studio to 2 Bedroom Suite, you know that the money you paid is worth it. 

Residence Inn Kapolei

To know the latest room rates, you can visit here.

With its modern, clean and comfortable rooms that also have kitchens, it’s easier to avoid expensive restaurants plus grocery stores are only 5-8 minutes away! Not to mention the food trucks they also have!

Residence Inn Kapolei

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to visit Hawaii, specifically Oahu, I highly recommend you stay in Residence Inn Kapolei and enjoy what this place has to offer!

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