Saturday, June 10

Resident Evil Games Aplenty Are In The Latest Humble Bundle

A stylized collage shows several Resident Evil heroes and villains.

Image: Capcom

Sometimes Humble Bundle just comes along with virtually an entire franchise of games for the cost of less than one, making it hard to avoid the siren’s song of that “purchase” link. Today, with Humble’s “Decades of Horror” bundle, that franchise is Capcom’s Resident Evil. How would you like to own most of them on Steam?

Resident Evil hardly needs any introduction, but in case you haven’t been following the story of why pharmaceuticals, weapons technology, and private corporations are a hazardous combination, the series follows a recurring cast of characters as they struggle to respond to various zombie-like outbreaks seeded by the evil Umbrella corporation. The games in the bundle will let you play from the very beginning of the saga, with Resident Evil 0, all the way up to the events of Resident Evil 7. (The well-received Resident Evil Village is not included, except for a coupon that gets you half off of it on the Humble Store.)

Each game in the bundle is represented by its latest version or remake. That includes the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, and while many are divided on whether 3 felt a bit too short in comparison to the more substantial remake of 2, it’s hard to say no when it’s bundled in with undeniably better entries in the series. And while I can barely summon the courage to play Resident Evil 7 again, if you haven’t taken a trip through the Baker family house, you’re missing out on a modern classic.

The numbered entries aren’t the only games on offer. The relatively well-liked Resident Evil Revelations spin-offs are also included. The second is in its Deluxe Edition, which includes the four episodes plus two extras.

Also included is Resident Evil 4. If you’ve somehow managed to not play one of its many re-releases since the 2005 GameCube original, maybe you’ll want to wait until the upcoming remake that no one asked for. It is a classic though, so it’s not a bad addition to your Steam library if you’ve been missing out. Maybe it goes without saying, but be sure to play it with the recently released Resident Evil 4 HD Project.

If you just want a taste of the series, a dollar will get you the original Resident Evil remake and the first Revelations—not bad—while $10 adds RE5, RE6, and Revelations 2 Deluxe. So…”What’re ya buyin?”

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