Wednesday, February 1

Saints coach Dennis Allen says Taysom Hill is a ‘multiple-position player,’ will have many roles this season

Taysom Hill has multiple roles on the New Orleans Saints’ offense and that is not changing any time soon. Saints head coach Dennis Allen says Hill will continue to play many positions this season, despite comments earlier this offseason that the sometimes-quarterback, sometimes-wideout will focus on playing tight end.

Allen says he does not want to put Hill in a box with one position attached to his name. 

“We talk all the time about positionless players on defense. I don’t know if positionless is the right word for Taysom; he’s a multiple-position player,” Allen said. “I look at him as a weapon in the passing game. I look at him as a weapon playing at the quarterback position. I look at him with the ball in his hands. I look at him on special teams and a lot of different areas.”

The head coach continued, saying that the 31-year-old’s various skills will be beneficial for the team this season.

“There’s a ton of places Taysom Hill can help this team win, and we want to utilize him in all those different roles,” Allen said.

The team has quarterbacks Jameis Winston and backup Andy Dalton on the team as well as Hill, who will likely be used under center at some point this season. 

In 2021, Hill had 978 passing yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions. On the ground he had 374 yards and five touchdowns. He also had four receptions for 52 yards. 

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