Friday, September 22

Saks’s Head Fashion Buyer Shares the Best Fall Trends


Courtesy of Sportmax; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of Prada; Courtesy of Jil Sander

Let’s be honest: Anyone that follows fashion knows that the trend cycle can be tiring. One minute you can be fully vested in a shoe trend, only for it swiftly to be deemed “out of style” the following season. Or maybe you finally secure that designer bag once it’s suddenly not the “right” size. Keeping up with what’s trendy can be is not an easy task, both in the emotional and fiscal sense. It’s no wonder there’s a rising sentiment among the fashion set that investing in pieces that tap into current trends while also being timeless is the move. 

But how does one discern what can both be of the times yet also withstand the test of time? With years of experience. Or in the case of Tracy Margolies, over 25 years of being Saks Fifth Avenue’s Chief Merchandising Officer. Margolies has spent many years attending fashion shows, discovering new brands, and spotting the season’s biggest trends—basically, she’s seen it all in a nutshell. So, it only makes sense then that when trying to discern which fall trends lend themselves to becoming “forever” pieces, I’d want to tap her time in the field. And luckily for us, she obliged. 

Ahead, you’ll hear from Margolies about her career, what fall staples she swears by, and which fall trends are worth buying into for the long haul. For anyone trying to spend wisely, shop more sustainably, or generally be more stylish, she’s got you covered. 

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