Thursday, April 25

Scott Morrison Video Game Makes Former PM Go To Centrelink

Scott Morrison Shit His Pants In Engadine Maccas

The people of Australia had a very good time over the weekend, as we resoundingly voted out a conservative government that had spent a decade doing…well, nothing really except put their boots to the throats of the poor, the young and anyone who thinks that a rapidly-warming planet might be a bad thing.

I won’t bore you with the details of this—you can read more here if you’re interested—but the end result is that Scott Morrison, a man who once allegedly shit his pants in a McDonalds, is no longer the Prime Minister of Australia. While I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of fossil fuel companies, predatory investment funds and fascist-aligned media companies offering him a job in the years to come, in the meantime he’s off to Centrelink.

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Centelink is the government agency that is in theory supposed to provide welfare assistance to the unemployed, but which has been repeatedly gutted along ideological lines to the point where it’s now, at an operational level, openly hostile to the unemployed, forcing Australians out of work to jump through all kinds of demeaning hoops just so they can (try and) pay their rent for a month or two between jobs.

Which is most of the background you’ll need to enjoy Scotty Goes To Centrelink, a “surreal horror adventure starring Australia’s 30th Prime Minister”. Released over the weekend by Canberra-based developer Colestia, players must “Help a newly unemployed Scott Morrison navigate the hellish welfare system that he helped build”, as you take control of Scotty in third-person and have to navigate a gloomy cityscape, delivering job applications in return for your welfare money.

The game is free-to-play in your browser, but you can also support Colestia for their work here.

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