Tuesday, February 27

Snapchat Launches Four Augmented Reality Lenses At EDC, Showcasing the Technology’s Long-Term Utility – EDM.com

Snapchat and EDC are affording festival-goers new ways to capture the magic of America’s largest dance music festival.

Part of Snap’s recently announced multi-festival partnership with Live Nation, the company has developed and launched a handful of augmented reality lenses curated for EDC Las Vegas and beyond.

Attendees who open Snapchat at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be greeted with a slate of new lenses to transform their experience under the electric sky. Bring EDC’s iconic neon owl to life with the Night Owl lens and watch it soar across the sky on your phone in real time. Meanwhile, utilizing the Daisy lens gives users the ability to sprout towering neon flowers from the ground at their feet, creating new digital landmarks and unique opportunities for content creation.

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