Tuesday, February 27

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Entire Call Of Duty Community Got Punked Over Nadia ‘Cheating’

Screenshot: Censor / YouTubeI am now convinced that “female Call of Duty streamer” is the hardest job in the world. Nadia Amine is one of the fastest growing Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on Twitch, and there’s been a ton of controversy on social media about her meteoric rise. If you search her name on YouTube or Tiktok, the videos are filled with cheating accusations against her. Seemingly joining in on the train, last week, Call of Duty professional Doug “Censor” Martin, who is the number one ranked Vanguard player in the world right now, tweeted that he was going to start unmasking cheaters in the popular shooter. Immediately, eyes turned toward Amine.. Prior to the most recent events, people primarily accused Amine of competing in easier matches by artificially matching with “bot” pl...