Thursday, February 9

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EVGA, Big Graphics Card Maker, Has Messy Breakup With Nvidia

Times have been tough.Image: Kotaku / San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Newspapers (Getty Images)And now for something that no one saw coming: EVGA, one of the most prominent third-party PC graphics card manufacturers, and a favorite brand among PC gamers for quality parts and reliable warranties backed by solid customer service, is terminating its longtime relationship with Nvidia. What’s more, the company reportedly said that it won’t be pursuing partnerships with competing silicon giants like AMD or Intel, either. It seems like EVGA is just done with GPUs.Kotaku has reached out to EVGA for comment.News of EVGA’s seemingly sudden decision to stop manufacturing GPUs broke via the popular YouTubers GamersNexus and Jayztwocents. Personalities from both channels say that they were invited to ...
AMD announces EXPO technology: overclock your DDR5 RAM with Zen 4 CPU

AMD announces EXPO technology: overclock your DDR5 RAM with Zen 4 CPU

AMD has confirmed its new EXPO technology, which makes overclocking your DDR5 memory inside of your new AM5-based motherboard and new Ryzen 7000 series "Zen 4" processor easier. VIEW GALLERY - 3 IMAGES The new AMD EXPO technology is offered as a one-click DDR5 overclocking tool for new Ryzen 7000 series CPUs, where AMD promises there's up to 11% enhanced gaming performance at 1080p with it enabled. There's also lowered latency, down to around 63ns.AMD has said that it's making its new EXPO technology open with a standard license and royalty-free, which means we'll see it adopted into the market quicker, and cheaper. AMD is working with around 15 partners with DDR5 memory kits that offer up to DDR5-6400 speeds, with the likes of ADATA, Corsair, G.SKILL, Kingston, and more are ready for the ...