Tuesday, January 31

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17 Amazing Games You Probably Missed In 2022

Screenshot: Blazing Bit GamesFirst released in 2021, indie shooter Nightmare Reaper finally left Early Access this year, and that’s when I finally played it. And boy oh boy, am I happy I stumbled upon this under-the-radar FPS! Nightmare Reaper might look a lot like other, similar retro-inspired shooters—like the previously mentioned Cultic—that have become more common in recent years, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a roguelike with smart level progression, awesome music, and hundreds of powerful and zany weapons like whips and spell books. It’s a weird game, too. But in a good way. For example, to improve your character’s stats you play through different, elaborate Game Boy-like mini-games. It’s weird, it’s sometimes creepy, and it’s only $25 on Steam. Go play Nightmare Reaper! — Za...

Apple Discontinues iPod, Mobile Gaming Icon, After 22 Years

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)Pour one out for every kid who one-strapped a backpack in middle school, as they’re likely in mourning today. With Apple’s discontinuation of the 7th-generation iPod Touch, announced yesterday, it’s official: the iPod is dead.Ostensibly, the iPod was a music device, meant to digitize song libraries and move listeners away from the limitations and galactically better sound quality of physical media. (Whether such a shift was good for the music industry is, of course, another story.) But over its many iterations, the iPod also heralded another revolution: that of mobile gaming.Once upon a time, mobile gaming consisted of playing Brick or Snake on your parents’ dusty Nokia. And sure, following its 2001 launch, the iPod—which literally featured a shoddy por...