Monday, November 28

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Time For Another Moebius-Looking Video Game For PC, Called XTAL

Image: XTALThe brilliant French artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud had one of the most recognisable art styles around, and while his works have inspired video games for decades—including the ones he worked on directly—few have been able to truly look like one of his illustrations come to life.We got one last year though, with the excellent Sable, and now we’re getting another one called XTAL (You could also count Pixeljunk Raiders if you’re feeling generous). With a name that might have you thinking of a classic Aphex Twin track, XTAL is billed by its developers as “a stylish mix of action and exploration with a fast combat system that combines TPS, Hack ‘n’ Slash and Bullet Hell elements with a vibrant art style inspired by French Comics”.(Yes, I know Moebius isn’t the only artist with a “Frenc...

RIP Fantasy, Toy & Metal Album Artist Ken Kelly, 1946-2022

Ken Kelly, one of the most talented fantasy artists of the past 50 years, has passed away at the age of 76.The nephew of Frank Frazetta, Kelly is famous for his work on album covers, having done everything from KISS’ Destroyer to Rainbow’s Rising to a whole bunch of pieces for Manowar LPs.Kelly also worked closely with several major toy companies in the 1980s, with perhaps his most recognisable contributions coming with his Masters of the Universe and Micronauts paintings, while he was also responsible for some of the coolest Star Wars: Expanded Universe stuff from the 1990s and onwards as well. In addition to his more commercial work, though, Kelly was also notable simply for the amount of badass fantasy art he was able to create throughout his career, sometimes for Conan the Barbarian, ...