Wednesday, February 1

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Delightful Steam Game Lets You Run A Spa For Capybaras

Screenshot: Cozy Bee Games / KotakuManagement sims are games that I love to hate. You face an endless onslaught of extremely demanding customers who want you to perform your services in a very particular way, and pronto. If you leave them unattended for too long, then they make disgruntled faces. Mess up enough times, and they might even dock your pay. None of this happens in Capybara Spa, the chillest business sim on Steam right now. These furry little angels are the most patient, gracious customers I’ve ever served. Capybara Spa is exactly what it says on the tin. You build spa tubs, fruit gardens, and other amenities on a mountain filled with capybaras. You click and drag your guests into capybara-sized tubs, you attend to their every whim, and they reward you with coins once they leave...