Wednesday, February 1

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Blaidd’s Elden Ring Voice Actor Reacts To Your Thirst Tweets

“Oh? Fine. Time to douse your little flame.”Image: Bandai Namco / Kotaku / RossHelen (Shutterstock)It’s not easy when your pining for the superior, virtual men in your favorite video game goes unnoticed. But rarely, once in a blue moon, a voice actor will provide solace to fans by acknowledging your appreciation for their characters. Today fans of Elden Ring’s breakout furry husband Blaidd the Half-Wolf are eating well, as his voice actor not only read y’alls’ terminally down-bad tweets for the NPC wolfman, but leaned into them with gusto.In a recent episode of BuzzFeed Multiplayer, Scott Arthur, the voice actor behind Blaidd set the record straight on how to properly pronounce the wolf-man’s name (it’s “Blithe”) and read some of y’alls’ best and worst thirst tweets.“I know that he’s cause...