Sunday, February 5

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North American Midway Entertainment Adds 10 New Rides for 2023 and Beyond

North American Midway Entertainment (NAME) followed up a fantastic 2021 season with a large number of new ride purchases for their multi-unit carnival. Scooter Korek, Vice President of Client Services, is happy to report that the 2022 season has also been strong so far in both the U.S. and Canada. “We've had an incredibly good season. We've had marvelous weather so far,” says Korek. At the time of the interview, Korek's NAME unit was just open at the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock.NAME has five units traveling across North America. “We play 124 dates annually and attract a little less than 15,000,000 people each year. We are the largest carnival company in North America and probably the world,” says Korek.Traveling with NAME in both the U.S. and Canada, Korek has a unique per...

Kissel Entertainment Adds New Fairs & Events, Focuses on Branding

Savannah and Madison Kissel are eager to continue their family's legacy in the carnival industry. With respect for the past, including the wisdom of their great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents, the two sisters are working on modernizing the ‘Kissel Experience' on the midway. “This has always been a family business that started in 1932 with our great grandfather. This generation is hungry to change the typical carnival atmosphere. We are very dedicated and excited to amplify the guest and employee experience,” says Kissel.The 2022 season was a great one for the Kissel family. “Everyone was hesitant about how 2022 would shape up and how successful the turnout at events would be. It wasn't quite the same as 2021 but we are blessed and fortunate to have the outcome we did,” s...