Monday, February 6

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Kotaku’s Impressions of Australian Airship Game Wayward Strand

Screenshot: Wayward StrandIn Wayward Strand, out today on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, you play the role of a teenage girl, stuck visiting the place her mother works. Which happens to be a giant, floating airship moored off the coast of Australia, and having been decommissioned as a luxury vessel, is now serving as a retirement home. In some ways, it’s very much a game about being a teenager taking their first tentative steps into an adult space. Your character, Casey, is writing an article about her time on the airship, and at the insistence of her mother—a nurse—spends three days visiting the otherwise lonely residents of the airship, chatting with them about both their past and present. Casey is nervous, and unsure about herself. We’ve all been there; a work experience placement, m...