Wednesday, February 1

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Leaked GTA 6 Footage Gets Game Ad Purged By Take-Two

Rockstar and Take-Two are still doing all they can to contain the Grand Theft Auto VI leak.Image: Rockstar GamesGoat Simulator 3 developer Coffee Stain North has ended up under the thumb of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two after posting an ad for its open-world havoc simulator that used footage from this year’s Grand Theft Auto VI leak.The video has since been removed from video platforms after a copyright claim, but those who managed to see the video before it was taken down (thanks, Eurogamer) say the ad featured a character named Shaun, who was being interviewed about working on Goat Simulator 3 and bragging about his skills in animating ragdoll physics.However, the video took a turn when Shaun spoke of work he’d done outside Goat Simulator 3, to which he said, “I’ve other stuff in t...