Wednesday, February 1

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Vampire Survivors’ First Post-Release Patch Adds A Death Bridge

Screenshot: poncleVampire Survivors, 2022's break-out game—nay—genre, released its complete 1.0 edition just over a month ago, near the end of October. But if you were worried that meant developer poncle was done, put your worry back in its worry-case, close the lid, clip the clasps, and update your edition to the freshly released 1.10 version. Along with a few smaller details, the patch called The Tiny One adds a fascinating new Challenge Stage, and it’s a very narrow bridge.poncleThe Tiny Bridge Stage is unlocked by having reached level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower, and once opened, it provides the most ridiculous challenge: A single lane, in which you have to do some very specific ability tweaking to stand a chance of survival.Capturing that moment in the regular game when you realize you’...