Sunday, January 29

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Facing Worlds Is One Of The Greatest Multiplayer Maps Ever

The original Unreal Tournament, first released in 1999, launched with a ton of maps, most of which have long been consigned to the Recycle Bin of history. There’s one, however, one very simple map, that has stood the test of time: Facing Worlds.It’s a simple, fundamentally broken map, one that features two stone towers linked by two small land bridges, a symmetrical murder rock that is wildly unbalanced, favours snipers above all else and by today’s standards wouldn’t even make it to a whiteboard in a brainstorming session, let alone into the retail release of a game.And yet! And yet. We love it all the same, because as busted as it is, it’s beautiful. It’s simple. It captures everything about the game it was a part of, and everything we loved about shooters at the time. All of which, and ...