Monday, December 5

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Sega’s Lost ‘Erotic Thriller’ Sacred Pools Has Been Found

Image: SegaSoft | KotakuIn the mid-90s, with the Saturn bombing and the video game landscape changing rapidly, Sega rolled the dice and made a few risky bets. One of those was, uh, sinking $3 million into the creation of an adult-oriented FMV game called Sacred Pools that was so bad it ended up being binned before it was ever released.Now, though, in 2022, we can play it! Thanks to Gaming Alexandria, who not only got hold of the game but have made it available to download and play on emulators, we can all get the chance to, if not enjoy, then at least experience this lost piece of video game history. Sacred Pools went into development in 1996, as the FMV craze was already winding down, so by the time it was ready for its public showings and impending release the market’s appetite for the g...