Saturday, January 28

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Retro Game Prices Are Being Manipulated, Lawsuit Claims

Screenshot: Heritage Auctions / KotakuThe market frenzy leading to record-breaking prices for retro games appears to have slowed since last year, but frustration over the collectible grading firm at the center of the spike hasn’t. Earlier this week a number of Wata Games customers filed a class action lawsuit attempting to put an end to some of the seemingly shady business dealings that allegedly sparked the recent gold rush in classic games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda.Filed in the Central District Court of California, the class action lawsuit (first spotted by podcaster Pat Contri) is on behalf of Jacob Knight, Jack Cribbs, and Jason Dohse, as well as other potentially “similarly situated” individuals. They accuse Wata Games and owner Collectors Universe of pumping up a bu...