Thursday, December 8

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Want A Steam Deck? Now You Can Buy One Without Waiting

Image: Valve / KotakuPatience is a virtue, as somehow it is still difficult to find a PlayStation 5 some two years after launch. But fortunately, if you’re in the market for a Steam Deck, there’s no longer any need to chase after a far-off pre-order: Valve is now shipping them right after purchase. No waiting, no queues, no $5 reservations. What’s more, it’s also selling an official Docking Station now.Valve announced the easier ordering and new Docking Station accessory’s availability via Twitter and Steam. On top of that, Valve announced “lots and lots” of software updates for SteamOS, which it says will dramatically improve the docking experience. The keyboard is getting an update too, as is offline mode. (The latter should help mitigate a common pain point for Steam Deck users, as many...