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Primary Season Ends With Pro-Trump Nominees Giving Hope to Democrats | Politics

Primary Season Ends With Pro-Trump Nominees Giving Hope to Democrats | Politics

It was a tight race that wasn't called until late Wednesday morning, and when the final results were in, Republican Don Bolduc was joyously celebrating his win in the New Hampshire primary for a Senate seat.Democrats were celebrating his win as well. With control of the Senate at risk of flipping to the Republicans, Democrats were nervously eying the seat of sitting Sen. Maggie Hassan, whom Bolduc will face in November. Hassan eked out a victory in 2016 by a 1,017 vote margin and this year – a midterm election where the party in power typically loses seats – was shaping up as an even tougher battle.But the primary win by Bolduc, a 2020 election-denier whom New Hampshire's GOP governor, Chris Sununu, called "kind of a conspiracy-theorist type candidate" when refusing to endorse Bolduc in th...

Every Game At The Event

Screenshot: Disney / Marvel / KotakuAlthough it might’ve felt like Kinda Funny’s Blessing Adeoye Jr. was talking at 1.75x speed about upcoming games and world premieres, Disney and Marvel’s D23 stream event did manage to show a few games that weren’t just cinematic trailers. Here’s everything we saw at Disney and Marvel’s D23 Expo Showcase, organized in order of whether they had actual gameplay or not.Screenshot: Marvel / Disney / KotakuMarvel’s Midnight SunsHey, it looks like Marvel’s Midnight Suns got a new new release date. Seeing as how it was originally slated to release in March before getting delayed (twice) it’s nice to see that it’s coming December 2 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. We also got our eyes on a nice animated short with the likes of Blade and Wolverine tearing fools ...