Sunday, February 5

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12 Games To Play After You’ve Beaten Game Pass Hit High On Life

Image: InsomniacIf you want: no comedy and more FPS gameplay with experimental weaponsPlayable on: Resistance 3 is streamable via PS Plus. Resistance: Fall of Man is locked to PS3 (discs are pretty cheap on eBay)The PS3 had a number of shooters that I’d totally categorize as hidden gems. Killzone, SOCOM, the second iteration of Metal Gear Online, and the Resistance trilogy. While these alien-blasting shooters from Insomniac never reached the popular appeal of a Halo or Call of Duty, they are definitely worth your time if you want a shooter with an arsenal of strange guns that make great use of secondary fire functions. The first and third games are perhaps closest to High on Life since you have access to all your guns via a weapon wheel (the second Resistance game ditched this for a more t...

Burger King’s Modern Warfare 2 Skin Gets Resold At Huge Markup

Screenshot: Activision / Burger King / KotakuBurger King’s proprietary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II operator skin, a man with a beautiful mustache and Burger Town t-shirt, is selling on eBay for about half of the full game’s $69.99 asking price. I will repeat that for your benefit. Burger King, home of the Whopper, partnered with Modern Warfare II and brought forth from its troves of hot grease an exclusive Call of Duty skin. It is a man with a beautiful mustache and shirt that says Burger Town, the CoD franchise’s burger emporium and easter egg, on it. The man, let’s call him Bobby, is listed on eBay for around $30.This is not what Burger King intended. You’re supposed to buy the skin, bundled with one hour of double XP, as part of the fast food empire’s Modern Warfare II meal, or the ...

Indonesian Government Blocks Steam, Epic, Ubisoft & Nintendo

Over the weekend the Indonesian government began the task of blocking any website or service that had failed to register as part of new “internet control” laws. That ended up being a lot, including everything from Steam to the Epic Games Store to Nintendo Online to EA and Ubisoft’s platforms.Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) took the steps after the introduction of strict new laws, which the government says is part of a crackdown on anything appearing online that is “deemed unlawful”, and which would require any online service platform or provider hosting any such “unlawful” content to remove it within 24 hours (or four if it is deemed to be “urgent”).In order to abide by those laws, international companies operating in Indonesia needed to have sign...