Saturday, June 10

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Skyrim Co-Op Mod Released For PC, Can Support Over 30 Players

Screenshot: Skyrim Reborn TogetherI know there have been a lot of attempts at releasing multiplayer mods for Skyrim over the years, but none of those have been as ambitious as the co-op mod Skyrim Together Reborn, which aims to get between 2-8 players running around in the same game, completing the same quests and fighting the same monsters.The mod, which has been years in the making, was released last week. And while it’s not without its teething problems—you can read some of those here—for the most part it works, allowing players to jump into the same world and have all their actions and progress sync up. To see what this is like in action, here’s a video the development team released earlier in the year, showing five players completing a few story missions:Skyrim Together Reborn quest s...