Tuesday, January 31

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Pro Gaming Champ Says He Peed In Bottle During $205K Tourney

Image: ValveWhen you gotta go, you really gotta go. I just wish that esports tournaments felt the same about letting their competitors use the toilet. Pro player Oliver “Skiter” Lepko peed in a bottle during an ongoing DOTA 2 tournament, citing the organizers’ rules against going to the toilet during a match. Here’s a photograph of the pee bottle for your…uhhh, enjoyment?DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour Division 1 is a DOTA 2 tournament organized by the Romanian esports company PGL. Eight European teams compete against each other from January 9 to 29 for a prize pool of $200,000. But that’s not what you’re interested in. You want to know why a professional gamer was peeing in a bottle like he’s an Amazon delivery driver. Lepko told Jake Lucky that he would have incurred a level 2 draft penalty (wh...

Entire Call Of Duty Community Got Punked Over Nadia ‘Cheating’

Screenshot: Censor / YouTubeI am now convinced that “female Call of Duty streamer” is the hardest job in the world. Nadia Amine is one of the fastest growing Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on Twitch, and there’s been a ton of controversy on social media about her meteoric rise. If you search her name on YouTube or Tiktok, the videos are filled with cheating accusations against her. Seemingly joining in on the train, last week, Call of Duty professional Doug “Censor” Martin, who is the number one ranked Vanguard player in the world right now, tweeted that he was going to start unmasking cheaters in the popular shooter. Immediately, eyes turned toward Amine.. Prior to the most recent events, people primarily accused Amine of competing in easier matches by artificially matching with “bot” pl...

Blizzard Announces LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs For Overwatch 2

Screenshot: BlizzardToday, Activision Blizzard announced three programs coming to Overwatch 2’s competitive and casual scene. These aim to foster a healthy environment, with a focus on its new and returning LGBTQ+ player base. In a blog post titled “Calling All Heroes,” the Overwatch team and its competitive E-Sports program, Overwatch League (OWL), announced it would co-develop an in-game Defense Matrix, Challenger’s Cup, and Caster Camp. Blizzard said the goal of these programs is to “focus on equity, visibility, and community support for underrepresented genders.”To ensure that its mission statement is upheld, the Overwatch team announced that it will be rolling out a gameplay system called Defense Matrix. Named after D.VA’s projectile blocking ability, Blizzard said the program will ac...

Esports Owner Wanted By Police After $33 Million Drug Bust

Bernard “Bren” Chong, a coffee magnate, app entrepreneur and owner of the Bren Esports team, has been accused by Filipino authorities of being part of a P1.87 billion (USD$33 million) drug bust in Manila.As The Daily Tribune report, The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have “launched a manhunt” after Chong was found to be one of the owners of a shipping company that stands accused of trying to import “shabu” (the local slang for meth) through the Manila International Container Port back in 2019.Fortuneyield Cargo Services Corporation, of which Chong is one of the owners, allegedly paid for both the container deposit and the freight costs for the drugs, leading the NBI to say “It would be impossible for these payments of significant amounts to be made without the general manager’s kno...