Tuesday, May 30

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Intel’s FakeCatcher can detect fake videos with 96% accuracy

Intel’s FakeCatcher can detect fake videos with 96% accuracy

Photo : IANSAmid growing threat from misinformation, Intel has unveiled a new deepfake detection platform that can flag discrepancies with a 96% accuracy rate. The platform is the world’s first real-time deepfake detector that returns results in milliseconds..What are deepfakes?Deepfakes - a combination of the words 'deep learning' and 'fake' - are a kind of visual media wherein a person's existing image or video is replaced with another individual's likeness. The technique makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create deceptive (yet realistic) content. In recent years, deepfakes have garnered focus for their potential use in pornographic material, fake news financial fraud and more. How does FakeCatcher work?According to the company, the Intel technology looks for au...

Kojima Productions Threatens Legal Action Over ‘Assassin’ Photo

Image: Kojima ProductionsLast week, a racist joke originating from a shitty corner of the internet got quickly out of hand, and before long French politicians and Greek news channels—among others—were erroneously reporting that an old photograph of legendary game designer Hideo Kojima was actually a photo of Tetsuya Yamagami, the 41 year-old who assassinated former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday.I say “joke,” but that’s really doing a disservice to things that are even remotely funny, since there was absolutely nothing linking the two men, in terms of appearance or otherwise, other than the fact they were both Japanese.If you’re just joining this, here’s Zack reporting the news on Friday: Shortly after today’s assassination, some shitty people in a dank corner of the internet...