Saturday, December 10

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Far Cry 6 GOTY Somehow Costs $120 Despite Almost No Awards

Image: UbisoftEven by the loose standards of video game marketing, calling Far Cry 6 one of 2021's games of the year was a stretch. But Ubisoft went ahead and did it anyway. It didn’t stop there, either. The French publisher will also be charging $120 for this spruced-up release of its 2021 sequel. That’s the price of two GOTYs, one for each actual GOTY mention Far Cry 6 received from some extremely garbled end-of-year lists. Store listings officially confirming Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition’s existence and price recently went live on the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, so no, it was not all just some weird fever dream. What will this new version of last year’s Cuban revolution-inspired open-world shooter include, exactly? An unannounced expansion called Lost Between Worlds for one....