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How Pizzerias Use Technology to Lure Us In

Photo: Dima Sikorsky (Shutterstock)Love it or hate it, technology undeniably shapes the way we purchase and consume our food, from the apps we use to order it to the robots that deliver it to the machines that assemble and cook it. So it’s no surprise that marketing is a huge component of how a certain food ends up on our plates. Fast casual chains have got to keep up with the times by competing for our attention, and QSR Magazine has lent some insight into which tools restaurant chains use to get us thinking about pizza. Surprise, surprise: Most of the strategies are tech-based.TikTok and pizza, a natural pairYou knew TikTok would enter the conversation, right? When it comes to the social media platform, there’s a multi-pronged approach: Not only does the restaurant build brand awareness ...

Burger King’s Modern Warfare 2 Skin Gets Resold At Huge Markup

Screenshot: Activision / Burger King / KotakuBurger King’s proprietary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II operator skin, a man with a beautiful mustache and Burger Town t-shirt, is selling on eBay for about half of the full game’s $69.99 asking price. I will repeat that for your benefit. Burger King, home of the Whopper, partnered with Modern Warfare II and brought forth from its troves of hot grease an exclusive Call of Duty skin. It is a man with a beautiful mustache and shirt that says Burger Town, the CoD franchise’s burger emporium and easter egg, on it. The man, let’s call him Bobby, is listed on eBay for around $30.This is not what Burger King intended. You’re supposed to buy the skin, bundled with one hour of double XP, as part of the fast food empire’s Modern Warfare II meal, or the ...
McDonald’s CEO Makes a Big Political Statement (Some Won’t Like It)

McDonald’s CEO Makes a Big Political Statement (Some Won’t Like It)

Chief executives and political commentary rarely go well together — when outgoing Whole Foods CEO John Mackey went on a podcast to say that the "socialists are taking over" and young people "don’t seem like they want to work," the internet did not let him retire without one last scandal.The latest person to make a splash with his remarks is McDonald's  (MCD)  chief executive Chris Kempczinski. During a conference at the Economic Club of Chicago, Kempczinski drew attention to the issue of crime in the Midwestern metropolis that serves as the headquarters of the Golden Arches.The city alone has more than 400 restaurants and, Kempczinski told reporters at the event, rising crime has been making it difficult to run many of them.ShutterstockKempczinski: 'Violent Crime In Our Restaurants'"We hav...