Monday, September 25

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Replaying God Of War Before Ragnarök? Ignore The New Game Plus

Image: SonyAs the prophecies (aka, Sony’s vast marketing machine) foretold, Ragnarök is coming. Yesterday, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio announced a November release date for its upcoming action game God of War Ragnarök. Maybe you’ve found yourself itching to replay its predecessor, God of War. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing so and lemme tell you: New game plus does not do it for me.A few months after God of War’s initial 2018 release, Sony added a new game plus mode to the game. Like most similar modes, you can start a fresh save file with all of the skills and gear you earned over your prior playthrough. Enemies are scaled up in difficulty to match your abilities. From the perspective of pure power fantasy, it’s a blast and, to a certain extent, God of War’s new game plus makes re...