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New Square Enix Farming Game Lets Players Be Gender-Neutral

Male, female, and cool hat. All the genders are accounted for. Screenshot: Square Enix / KotakuIt shouldn’t be a big ask from gamers to have more gender-inclusive pronoun options in a video game, especially in RPGs. One producer at Square Enix thinks helping gamers feel welcome by including non-binary pronouns is such a small ask that it was a no-brainer to have it be a part of his new game.The game in question is the cutesy farming simulator Harvestella, which RPG giant Square Enix just released yesterday on PC and Switch. Similar to Stardew Valley, characters in Harvestella are charged with tending to crops, befriending their neighbors, and overcoming calamity in the form of environmental disasters. Harvestella, Eurogamer pointed out today, features a character creator that offers player...

Square Enix Is Drowning 2022 With RPGs, And We’re Here For It

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku2022 is a great year to be an RPG fan, particularly of Japanese games. The holiday season is usually crowded with new game releases, but this year Square Enix appears to be releasing games like it’s Christmas all year round. With so many out already, and so many more to come, are SE’s profligate ways good or bad for RPG lovers?Back in March 2022, Square Enix had a string of big releases all throughout the month: Babylon’s Fall, a live-service action game; Triangle Strategy, a strategy RPG game; Chocobo GP, a racing game spin-off of the Final Fantasy series; and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy, an action RPG game in collaboration with Koei Tecmo.Square Enix has always had a habit of releasing handfuls of games in a rush, mixing big names from reliable IPs with...

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be A Trilogy, Part 2 Out In 2023

Screenshot: Square Enix / KotakuToday, during Square Enix’s big Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary live stream, it was confirmed that its large-scale FFVII Remake project will be spread across three separate games as part of a remake trilogy. Part one, of course, is already out. That was Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a very good game! As for the next entry in this newly confirmed trilogy will, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (which itself was just announced during the stream today) will be out next winter. That leaves a third, currently unnamed entry in the trilogy that will be released in the future. No details on this final game were revealed during the 15-minute stream today. If you missed it, here’s the full stream below via YouTube:FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Sour...