Friday, December 9

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Could Turn Me, A Hater, Into A Fan

Image: Firaxis GamesI tend to land on the Martin Scorsese side of the superhero craze—“The problem is the amusement park films,” he said in 2019—and so I admittedly went into Marvel’s Midnight Suns feeling bratty. The tactical role-playing game, which was delayed twice before finally landing on its current December 2 release date, comes from adored XCOM creators Firaxis Games, but even that association of dignity didn’t feel like enough to dull what I saw as a too-squeaky superhero sheen. I was wrong, though.To put it in amusement park terms: oh boy! This game is fun! You primarily control The Hunter, the child of sexy demon lady Lilith, back on the prowl after evil paramilitary group Hydra revived and unleashed her on New York City. In response, the Avengers and goth kid sorcery group, th...