Saturday, December 10

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Pup Houndstone Is Already Banned

Image: CSA Images / Kotaku / Game Freak (Getty Images)For the majority, a new mainline Pokémon game is a chance to fill a Pokédex, battle through a series of gyms, and enjoy watching your gaggle of monster-buddies evolve their way to glory. For a minority, it’s a new dawn in a fierce competitive scene, as the new Gen 9 Pokémon are tested for their worth in on-stage battle. And it seems Houndstone, the evolved form of that life-draining good boy Greavard, has already found its way to the banned list.It’s extraordinary how differently Pokémon battling is perceived by different players. For most, it’s a game of rock, paper, scissors, where you lob attacks back and forth until you beat the wild monster, and move on. Yet, for those in the competitive scene, it’s a wildly complicated and elabora...