Thursday, November 30

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Powerful Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Recipes To Boost Your Stats

Image: The Pokémon CompanyYou know what really makes me hungry? Watching characters chomp on the air instead of floppy ham sandwiches in the bugged role-playing game Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Okay, so, the game has its mood-killing problems. But we’re at the head of holiday season—with turkey legs and pecan pies and all other kinds of garbage waiting in the oven, practicing for our stomachs—and we’re all thinking about food a little, especially Pokémon players hoping to use Scarlet and Violet’s stats-boosting sandwiches and Meal Powers to their advantage. But out of all the more complicated late-November questions, like how to talk to your family around a dinner table or how to spell “poinsettia” (I had to Google it), the only one I’m confident answering is how to fill all your Pokémon S...

How Pizzerias Use Technology to Lure Us In

Photo: Dima Sikorsky (Shutterstock)Love it or hate it, technology undeniably shapes the way we purchase and consume our food, from the apps we use to order it to the robots that deliver it to the machines that assemble and cook it. So it’s no surprise that marketing is a huge component of how a certain food ends up on our plates. Fast casual chains have got to keep up with the times by competing for our attention, and QSR Magazine has lent some insight into which tools restaurant chains use to get us thinking about pizza. Surprise, surprise: Most of the strategies are tech-based.TikTok and pizza, a natural pairYou knew TikTok would enter the conversation, right? When it comes to the social media platform, there’s a multi-pronged approach: Not only does the restaurant build brand awareness ...