Sunday, October 1

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Rumbleverse Is A Battle Royale With No Guns, And I Suck At It

Image: Epic Games / Iron GalaxyRumbleverse is the latest entry in a seemingly endless list of free-to-play battle royale games. However, this latest spin on the aging format is more creative and interesting than I expected, as Rumbleverse ditches the usual SMGs, shotguns, and grenades for wrestling grapples, melee combos, and high-flying elbow drops. The real secret here is that this is really a fighting game, which might explain why I really suck at it. But as a testament to how much fun I’m having, I want to get better.Rumbleverse hit consoles and PC on August 11 after a few rounds of beta tests. Though published by Fortnite devs Epic Games, Rumbleverse is developed by Iron Galaxy, a studio with a long and respected history of creating really good fighting games like Dive Kick and Killer...