Tuesday, November 28

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God of War Ragnarök Ad Sees Ben Stiller, LeBron Bonding As Dads

Screenshot: Sony / YouTubeGod of War is rolling out its marketing campaign for its impending release, and in this one, Ben Stiller has started a father-child support group. I can see what they’re going for here: At their core, modern God of Wars are about a dysfunctional father-son relationship. And...LeBron James and John Travolta are bald with beards? But Ben Stiller isn’t? So he’s in charge? And they’re all Kratos fans? Yeah, no, I can’t see what they were going for here. I was lying.Well, look, you have your own brain and opinions, just watch it for yourself. And yes, those are their real kids:PlayStationWhile there are a couple of nice lines in there—“LeBreakthrough” (the first time it’s used), and that final, “It is a costume,” work for me—the overall commercial feels like a missed a...
How to Spot Fake News Sites and Legit News Websites

How to Spot Fake News Sites and Legit News Websites

If you want to read more about a particular topic, it's important to know how to spot fake news sites and legit new websites. News sites have their own biases and it's impossible to find 100% unbiased news. The best way to make sure you're getting the full story is to read several publications and credible news sites on both sides of the issue. The following list will help you determine which news website is the most legitimate. Factors to consider when choosing a news website While many people may agree that news websites should be objective, not all news sources are. Some political websites are run by groups that have political agendas and will not report on liberal politicians objectively. It is best to stick to non-partisan news websites, which will report on all sides...