Saturday, November 26

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Broforce Returns In 2023 With Broforce Forever, A Big Update

Image: BroforceHave you ever played Broforce? Or even heard of it? You’d be forgiven for answering “no” to both those questions because, as I flip tragically backwards through my desktop calendar, I can see that the game came out eight years ago.I absolutely loved it back then, not just for its “you can’t sue us these are technically different” roster of characters (all drawn from popular action movies and TV shows, mostly from the 80s, ranging from Die Hard to Rambo to The Terminator to Aliens) but for its gleefully explosive platforming, which played like Metal Slug if the level designers had chugged five beers before going to work and thought blowing up half the levels was the best idea ever (it is). When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce – an under-funded, over-pow...