Tuesday, January 31

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30 Million People Were Using Steam Today, A New All-Time Record

Image: SteamDBValve’s Steam platform launched all the way back in 2003, and for much of that time saw slow and steady growth as it grew from a place you could buy Half-Life games to the PC’s default gaming marketplace. What has happened over the last two years, though, has been incredible.In 2015, Steam set a record for concurrent users—the number of people logged into the service—at 10 million people. That was 12 years after the service launched.In 2017, we reported that Steam had set a new record, this time at 14 million. Not bad growth for just two years. In March 2020, that record had blown out to 20 million. March 2020 is an important point in this timeline; for most countries this is when the pandemic really kicked off, lockdowns began, and a lot more people started spending a lot m...

Steam Finally Has A Modern Phone App On Both iOS And Android

Sometimes you just need to have a copy of Control available at all times, under all circumstancesScreenshot: ValveWhile the main Steam application itself has got better over the years, it’s still pretty easy to look at Valve’s approach to store and platform design, look at competitors like Google and Apple and see how everything feels a little quaint. Steam’s mobile app was one of the main offenders in this regard, so it’s great seeing it get a massive update today.Valve has “completely revamped” the app on both iOS and Android, introducing:- Two-factor authentication to ensure you’re the only one with access to your account- QR code sign in - Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password or…- Sign in confirmation - Confirm your regular Steam sign ins with simple “approv...

Logitech’s Game Pass Streaming Handheld Is Too Expensive

Having a (relatively) small device that can play basically any big game on it is a cool idea, and that’s what I love about Valve’s Steam Deck. But the Deck can be a bit bulky, and its battery just doesn’t last sometimes. Plus it doesn’t work easily with Xbox Game Pass. So the idea of a new, smaller handheld dedicated to streaming Game Pass and Xbox titles sounds great! However, at $300, it seems too expensive in a world where the Steam Deck and Switch OLED exist at around the same price point. Announced today by Microsoft and Logitech, the new G Cloud handheld gaming console is a small Android-powered device built around streaming video games. 10 years ago this would have seemed like a weird idea. But today, you can stream practically every game across most platforms with enough tinkering....

Dev Explains How Steam Curator Reviewers May Be Scammers

Steam is both an easy-to-use digital game storefront and a rabbit hole of shady shit, filled with weird, archaic leftovers from past ideas Valve never got around to finishing or improving. One such example is the curator system. Most users barely interact with it, but recently an indie developer believes the system is being used by scammers who also sell game codes on gray markets. They claim that because they didn’t provide free codes their latest game was targeted by these supposed grifters on Steam. Yesterday on Twitter, Cowcat, the developer behind Brok—a newly released point-and-click beat ‘em up starring an alligator—shared a now-viral thread explaining how a particular type of scam involving curators, Steam codes, and reviews works. Steam curator lists are user-made and anyone can c...