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The Secret To Training Powerful Pokémon In Scarlet And Violet

Terastallizing isn’t the only way to power up a Pokémon.Screenshot: The Pokémon Company / KotakuFor most players, Pokémon games are a pretty straightforward affair of attacking enemies’ weaknesses and scoring that sweet one-shot. But Pokémon can become incredibly overwhelming once you start playing competitively. What’s an IV? What’s an EV, if not the cute brown fox who can evolve into a bunch of other, more colorful and elaborate foxes?In fact, they refer to hidden numbers and background math that competitive players like to tweak and manipulate to create the strongest versions of their favorite ‘mons. EV and IVs stand for Effort Values and Individual Values. These hidden numbers determine the final state of a Pokémon’s six stats, and understanding how they work and how to influence them ...

15 Messed Up Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Pokédex Entries

Screenshot: Nintendo / KotakuCute little Jumpluff! For years, the Pokémon games described this second-stage creature with lightness, mentioning how it enjoys drifting on the breeze, scattering its spores. It hasn’t appeared since Sun and Moon, but good gravy, something happened in the meantime.Let’s start with Violet’s description, given it’s only a bit upsetting: Beware its cotton spores. If you accidentally breathe them in, you’ll be racked with coughs and itchiness.Before we get to Scarlet’s Pokédex entry, I want to re-emphasise the almost identical text that has been used in previous generation’s dexes. Typical is X’s: Blown by seasonal winds, it circles the globe, scattering cotton spores as it goes.And now here’s Scarlet’s:Jumpluff travels on seasonal winds. Once its cotton spores ru...

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Pup Houndstone Is Already Banned

Image: CSA Images / Kotaku / Game Freak (Getty Images)For the majority, a new mainline Pokémon game is a chance to fill a Pokédex, battle through a series of gyms, and enjoy watching your gaggle of monster-buddies evolve their way to glory. For a minority, it’s a new dawn in a fierce competitive scene, as the new Gen 9 Pokémon are tested for their worth in on-stage battle. And it seems Houndstone, the evolved form of that life-draining good boy Greavard, has already found its way to the banned list.It’s extraordinary how differently Pokémon battling is perceived by different players. For most, it’s a game of rock, paper, scissors, where you lob attacks back and forth until you beat the wild monster, and move on. Yet, for those in the competitive scene, it’s a wildly complicated and elabora...

Pokémon Tournaments Allow Mythical Pokémon For Ranked Matches

Image: NintendoCompetitive Pokémon trainers are both excited and terrified at the recent rule changes in the video game championships (VGC), where players compete against one another via Pokémon Sword and Shield in an array of leagues. Mythical Pokémon are now allowed for official tournament play for the first time. This means that nobody is safe from heavy-hitters like Megearna or Victini, and the community is scrambling to find counters. Some of the most truly diabolic players have already started to add broken Pokémon to their own teams. The rules for the latest Series 13 ranked matches, starting September 1, were posted yesterday for Pokémon Sword and Shield, this series focused on the Galar region, The rules mainly remained the same from the last series, except for an extended eligibl...