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Getting A PS5 Or Xbox Series S/X Is Sorta Easier 2 Years Later

After two years on the market, you’d probably think scooping up a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X would be simpler by now.Sure, there’s the semiconductor shortage the world is still contending with and a supply-chain bottleneck that’s expected to last until 2023 (if not 2024 according to some estimates). But, as Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan said at the annual PlayStation Partner Awards ceremony in Japan on December 2, the company has apparently “resolved the long-term supply issue of the PlayStation 5" in Asian markets. Oh yeah? Then why, when Kotaku called several brick-and-mortar stores just a few days before Christmas this year were we told inventory for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles was either very limited or completely gone?The truth of the matt...

Far Cry 6 GOTY Somehow Costs $120 Despite Almost No Awards

Image: UbisoftEven by the loose standards of video game marketing, calling Far Cry 6 one of 2021's games of the year was a stretch. But Ubisoft went ahead and did it anyway. It didn’t stop there, either. The French publisher will also be charging $120 for this spruced-up release of its 2021 sequel. That’s the price of two GOTYs, one for each actual GOTY mention Far Cry 6 received from some extremely garbled end-of-year lists. Store listings officially confirming Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition’s existence and price recently went live on the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, so no, it was not all just some weird fever dream. What will this new version of last year’s Cuban revolution-inspired open-world shooter include, exactly? An unannounced expansion called Lost Between Worlds for one....

Square Enix Is Drowning 2022 With RPGs, And We’re Here For It

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku2022 is a great year to be an RPG fan, particularly of Japanese games. The holiday season is usually crowded with new game releases, but this year Square Enix appears to be releasing games like it’s Christmas all year round. With so many out already, and so many more to come, are SE’s profligate ways good or bad for RPG lovers?Back in March 2022, Square Enix had a string of big releases all throughout the month: Babylon’s Fall, a live-service action game; Triangle Strategy, a strategy RPG game; Chocobo GP, a racing game spin-off of the Final Fantasy series; and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy, an action RPG game in collaboration with Koei Tecmo.Square Enix has always had a habit of releasing handfuls of games in a rush, mixing big names from reliable IPs with...

Stonkbros Are Angry Over Netflix’s GameStop Documentary Trailer

Image: Epic / Google / KotakuBack in January of 2021 GameStop’s stock price exploded as Reddit trolls went to war with old-school investors after the latter bet on the company failing. Reddit et al called their bluff, and well, it’s now the stuff of documentary films. Speaking of, Netflix just released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary about the wild “gamestonks” saga, and it’s made some of the trollish Redditors who were involved in all this very mad. So mad, they’re threatening to cancel their streaming subscriptions.Let’s rewind real quick to (briefly) explain what the hell happened back in January 2021.At the beginning of the year, GameStop’s stock was trading at under $20 a share, and the brick-and-mortar retail chain it was attached to was in desperate need of a Plan B. But ...

GameStop Will Start Paying Some Employees With Meme Stock

Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)GameStop, a very coherent and logical company that sells physical video games but also fluffy toys, worthless NFTs and the promise of a get-rich-quick scheme, just announced an “improved compensation” scheme for the most senior employees of its bricks-and-mortar video game stores.In a memo sent to employees earlier today—and shared by Axios’ Stephen Totilo—GameStop CEO Matt Furlong says that “while we continue evolving our ecommerce and digital asset offerings, our store fleet will remain critical to GameStop’s value proposition”, and as a result will be “rolling out an improved compensation model for Store Leaders”.For Assistant Store Leaders and Senior Guest Advisers, that comes in the form of an undisclosed increase in their hourly pay. For Store...