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Rumbleverse Is A Battle Royale With No Guns, And I Suck At It

Image: Epic Games / Iron GalaxyRumbleverse is the latest entry in a seemingly endless list of free-to-play battle royale games. However, this latest spin on the aging format is more creative and interesting than I expected, as Rumbleverse ditches the usual SMGs, shotguns, and grenades for wrestling grapples, melee combos, and high-flying elbow drops. The real secret here is that this is really a fighting game, which might explain why I really suck at it. But as a testament to how much fun I’m having, I want to get better.Rumbleverse hit consoles and PC on August 11 after a few rounds of beta tests. Though published by Fortnite devs Epic Games, Rumbleverse is developed by Iron Galaxy, a studio with a long and respected history of creating really good fighting games like Dive Kick and Killer...

FIFA 23 Accidentally Sells For Six Cents, EA Honors The Mistake

Image: EA SportsFIFA 23 is currently up for preorder around the world, and is supposed to be a full-price retail release, but in one particular market on one particular store, customers could get one hell of a bargain.Last month, anyone browsing the Epic Games Store in India would have seen that while the standard edition of FIFA 23 cost ₹3,499 (USD$44), the Ultimate Edition—which should have been ₹4,799 (USD$60) was instead listed at ₹4.80.The error was first discovered in late JulyImage: TwitterThat is not a sale price, that is an error, one where the store has clearly put the decimal point in the wrong spot. ₹4.80 works out to be six cents, and as word spread about the savings, users flocked to the store and bought the game. And not just Indian gamers, either; once news got out, fans we...

The Best And Worst Parts Of Every Halo Game

Screenshot: MicrosoftBest: They did it, they actually stuck the landing. It seems quaint, in this era of sprawling canon and cinematic universes, that a trilogy could actually…end. But Halo 3 actually pulled it off, marrying a satisfying resolution with just enough tragedy to give it impact. Then, of course, there’s the suitable send-off for Master Chief, left floating in space on a riven interstellar cruiser with no one but Cortana, his longtime AI companion, for company. Who can forget her timeless coda: “Wake me, when you need me.”Worst: Nothing. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I have anything here—or, at the very least, anything I’d cite as the “worst” part of Halo 3 would be disingenuous, at best. Though it’s no doubt aged, some of its design choices feeling ancient when weighed up ag...

Overwatch’s Loot Boxes Are Finally Going Away, Rest In Peace

Overwatch’s Loot Boxes may not have been the first in video game history, but they quickly became one of the most important, even if we were sick of them as early as June 2016, which month after the game’s release.While somewhat novel at the time, they helped pave the way for even worse examples, like Battlefront II’s disastrous implementation, and as profitable as they were for publishers they were also so unpopular with fans (and with governments and regulators who accuse them of encouraging kids to gamble) that many series—including Overwatch itself—have begun to move away from them.That’s right, Overwatch 2 won’t be using Loot Boxes, instead opting for a more direct way of purchasing stuff:There will be no Loot Boxes in Overwatch 2. Instead, the modernized live service will g...

The Sith Lords On Switch Is Finally Playable

Screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian / NintendoYesterday, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords announced that it’s finally fixed a game-breaking bug that had previously rendered the game impossible to finish. Previously, those who bought the port of the Obsidian Star Wars RPG were forced to cheat their way past game-crashing cutscenes. This was resolved via an in-game cheat menu, but it was still a band-aid solution at best. Kotaku attempted to use this method to skip past a game-breaking cutscene at the end of a late game questline, but boarding the ship would just cause the game to crash again. But rejoice: the buggy cutscenes have finally been fixed. Sort of.After updating the game, I was finally able to play the previously problematic cut...

Rockstar Parent Company CEO Earns Big Bonus For In-Game Sales

Photo: John Phillips (Getty Images)Microtransactions in games like Grand Theft Auto Online have become big business for video game publishers. And it’s likely this won’t be changing anytime soon. New details spotted in a recent contract extension for Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick explain that the CEO will earn a big bonus if more players spend more money buying in-game items, coins, and skins.As reported by Axios, a new contract extension for Zelnick means the 64-year-old CEO will continue running Take-Two until 2029. It also lays out how the executive will benefit greatly if games like GTA Online, NBA 2K, and Borderlands get players to spend extra cash on in-game items, referred to in the contract as “recurrent consumer spending” or RCS items. These items are defined by Take-Two’s contract...