Wednesday, February 1

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This Killer Narrative Game From Obsidian Is A Must-Play

Welcome to 16th-century Europe. You are Andreas Maler, an artist living among the people of the fictional town of Tassing, where things are about to change in the wake of a murder. How will they change? That’s what you’ll decide in Pentiment, a narrative adventure game that brings together evocative art, roleplaying elements, and a low barrier to entry thanks to its point-and-clicky gameplay. The individual elements that makeup Pentiment all tie together so seamlessly and effortlessly that it offers a rich tapestry of game design and storytelling. To be sure, there’s more story and reading here than there is anything else, but it’s hard to put this story and these characters down. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Pentiment (available on Windows and Xbox, standalone or via GamePass) is ...

Steam Breakout V Rising Is A Great Vampire-Themed Survival RPG

Image: Stunlock StudiosI have complicated feelings about the modern vampire story. Violence is cheap. Tasty humans are plentiful. And skyscrapers provide ample shelter from the sun. The sanctity of human life doesn’t mean much to creatures that will kill people over a simple meal. It can feel powerful to be so far removed from the life-or-death considerations of mere mortals, but such settings can also feel deeply alienating. Thankfully, the new survival game V Rising resolves my main gripe with properties like Vampire: The Masquerade– that the creatures of the night, the so-called underdogs, are too powerful. In order to be an oppressed minority, the player must struggle, and in V Rising, you most certainly do. The base-building survival game does not hold back in trying to kill you via e...