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Studio Ghibli Might Be Making A Baby Yoda Show

Image: Lucasfilm / DisneyStudio Ghibli, The famous Japanese animation studio behind classics like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away has spent the past few days teasing a possible collaboration with Lucasfilm and Star Wars on its official Twitter. And there’s some evidence that it might be a Baby Yoda aka Grogu show based on a previous leak and a new tease. 03:51Halo Infinite Winter Update's New Multiplayer MapsWednesday 4:38PMIf you are reading Kotaku, I likely don’t need to explain Studio Ghibli or Star Wars, but let’s just pretend for a moment that you have no idea what these things are. This will just take a second, be patient. Studio Ghibli is an incredibly popular animation studio that was founded in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. Since its creation, it’s gone on to produce beloved films, li...
Star Wars pushes back against racist backlash to new Black character

Star Wars pushes back against racist backlash to new Black character

The official "Star Wars" accounts fought back Tuesday morning, condemning backlash against its most recent addition to the franchise, Moses Ingram. Ingram stars in the long awaited Disney+ original series "Obi-Wan Kenobi," in the role of villainous Inquisitor Reva. But her "Star Wars" debut has been less than glamorous. The actress said since the show has premiered, she's received a tidal wave of racist and threatening direct messages. Ingram posted screenshots of a few of these on her Instagram story Monday, saying that the backlash made her think she should "shut up and take it" at first. Ingram went on thank her friends and supporters who have stood up for her in the comments and in public, before leaving one final message for her detractors— "Y'all weird." LONDO...