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Carolyn Petit’s Top 5 Games Of 2022

Photoshop is my true Elden Ring, and I haven’t gotten gud yet.Image: FromSoftware / KotakuIn recent years, it’s become harder and harder for me to make the kinds of in-depth, year-end personal best lists that I once prided myself on. That newfound difficulty is for one reason: I’m not playing as many games. This year, there are so many games I either didn’t play at all or didn’t spend enough time with that may have earned a place on this list if only I’d given them more of a chance. Those games include (but are not limited to) Perfect Tides, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Pentiment, Citizen Sleeper, and Norco. I’m sorry I didn’t make time for you this year. I’m sure some of you, at least, are great.So I’m keeping this year’s list to a tight five, acknowledging that it might have looked very diffe...

Amazing New God of War Ragnarok Cosplay Brings Kratos To Life

We’ve featured German cosplayer Maul a ton of times on Kotaku, maybe more than any other individual cosplayer, and there’s a very good reason for that: just look at these photos. Halo Infinite Winter Update's New Multiplayer Maps09:15God of War Ragnarök's First Nine MinutesToday 4:04PMWhile he’s best known for his recurring takes on Geralt of Rivia, ranging from “being Geralt” to “being Geralt skateboarding in LA”, Maul has also done a ton of work—both paid (like this, this one’s an ad for PlayStation) and personal—on series like Dishonored, Cyberpunk and Metal Gear Solid as well. Today, though, we’re looking at his latest shoot, an incredible take on God of War’s Kratos for the release of Ragnarok that sees Maul (and his team) nailing just about everything, from the costume to the weather...

God of War Ragnarök Ad Sees Ben Stiller, LeBron Bonding As Dads

Screenshot: Sony / YouTubeGod of War is rolling out its marketing campaign for its impending release, and in this one, Ben Stiller has started a father-child support group. I can see what they’re going for here: At their core, modern God of Wars are about a dysfunctional father-son relationship. And...LeBron James and John Travolta are bald with beards? But Ben Stiller isn’t? So he’s in charge? And they’re all Kratos fans? Yeah, no, I can’t see what they were going for here. I was lying.Well, look, you have your own brain and opinions, just watch it for yourself. And yes, those are their real kids:PlayStationWhile there are a couple of nice lines in there—“LeBreakthrough” (the first time it’s used), and that final, “It is a costume,” work for me—the overall commercial feels like a missed a...

God of War Ragnarök Leaks Early, Big Spoilers Are Everywhere

Screenshot: Sony Santa Monica | KotakuThe upcoming God of War Ragnarök, one of the biggest PlayStation games of the year, isn’t supposed to be out until November 9, but over the past 24 hours video and social media sites have been flooded with clips of people playing their way through the entire game.We wrote a similar story last week, but it was relatively minor by comparison; some people reviewing the game had accidentally shared their screenshots, and while some of them could maybe have suggested certain things that were going to happen, most were just very pretty.This, though, is the whole game being out there, over a week before release. It’s believed the game leaked when a store in the US—with its stock already in-hand—accidentally sold copies early, which in this genre of news story...

Replaying God Of War Before Ragnarök? Ignore The New Game Plus

Image: SonyAs the prophecies (aka, Sony’s vast marketing machine) foretold, Ragnarök is coming. Yesterday, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio announced a November release date for its upcoming action game God of War Ragnarök. Maybe you’ve found yourself itching to replay its predecessor, God of War. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing so and lemme tell you: New game plus does not do it for me.A few months after God of War’s initial 2018 release, Sony added a new game plus mode to the game. Like most similar modes, you can start a fresh save file with all of the skills and gear you earned over your prior playthrough. Enemies are scaled up in difficulty to match your abilities. From the perspective of pure power fantasy, it’s a blast and, to a certain extent, God of War’s new game plus makes re...