Sunday, January 29

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GTA Online’s Last New Mission Is Actually Terrifying

Screenshot: Rockstar Games / KotakuEarlier this week, Rockstar released a massive free update for Grand Theft Auto Online. For the most part it focused on improving and expanding on what was already in the game. But the update also included a new series of missions involving covert government operations and conspiracies, and this new campaign ends with what is easily GTA Online’s creepiest mission ever, surprising many unsuspecting players. GTA Online’s latest update, “Criminal Enterprises,” was a biggie, helping make the game feel more modern while also making it easier (and more fun) to earn in-game cash. It’s a solid update, even nerfing the legendarily OP jetbike and adding the ability to run in the casino. While it did add a really shitty semi-auto rifle that nobody likes, that’s a mi...