Sunday, January 29

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Leaked GTA 6 Footage Gets Game Ad Purged By Take-Two

Rockstar and Take-Two are still doing all they can to contain the Grand Theft Auto VI leak.Image: Rockstar GamesGoat Simulator 3 developer Coffee Stain North has ended up under the thumb of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two after posting an ad for its open-world havoc simulator that used footage from this year’s Grand Theft Auto VI leak.The video has since been removed from video platforms after a copyright claim, but those who managed to see the video before it was taken down (thanks, Eurogamer) say the ad featured a character named Shaun, who was being interviewed about working on Goat Simulator 3 and bragging about his skills in animating ragdoll physics.However, the video took a turn when Shaun spoke of work he’d done outside Goat Simulator 3, to which he said, “I’ve other stuff in t...

Big GTA VI Leak Shows How Blockbuster Video Games Are Made

Last night a ton of videos leaked online that are likely from Grand Theft Auto VI, a video game currently in development and probably years away from release. The footage is rough, in many instances using little more than placeholder assets, and it is both the most remarkable and most normal thing you’ll see this week.It’s remarkable, of course, because of the scale of the leaks. This is one of the biggest video games series on the planet. Rockstar are notoriously secretive. To get any kind of credible leak out of a Rockstar game development studio is rare; to get footage like this is unprecedented. Yet it’s also normal because this is what a video game in development looks like. It’s supposed to be rough, because it’s not finished. Comparing the “game” in this footage to the finished prod...

Huge Grand Theft Auto VI Leak Shows Gameplay And Characters

Image: Rockstar GamesA user on GTAForums, who claims to have also been behind the recent hack of Uber, has just dumped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show development footage of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto VI, which are currently cicrulating across pretty much every social media platform.Matching much of what Bloomberg reported earlier this year—including that the game will co-star a woman and be set in Vice City—the videos are very much in-development footage, with unfinished textures and models all over the place, and code playing out in real-time across many of them. The leaker is currently taking requests asking people what else they’d like to see in more videos.In one, a white male playable character encounters a racist NPC by a poolside, and as the conversation transpires you c...