Thursday, November 30

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Bear And Breakfast Fails To Capture The Animal Crossing Appeal

Screenshot: Armor GamesBear And Breakfast is a hotel management sim that plays like Animal Crossing. You gather resources every day, complete delivery errands, and build your Airbnb empire–all while playing as an adorable bear. The problem is that Bear and Breakfast lacks the relentless optimism of business sims while not delivering on any coherent critique about landlords either. As a result, Bear and Breakfast feels needlessly bleak about running a hospitality business despite the cheerful art direction. In Bear and Breakfast, you play as a grizzly bear named Hank, who lives with his mother. One day, he discovers a shark robot that offers him the chance to become a small business owner. All he has to do is renovate some abandoned homes into bedrooms, bathrooms, and fun amenities. The rob...