Friday, February 3

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Transphobic Guilty Gear Player Spreads Lies About Bridget

That transphobic email was bullshit blazing. Image: Arc System WorksTransphobic gamers seem to be getting stunned by facts again as one appears to have impersonated an Arc System Works representative and sent out a fake email to players, insisting that popular, returning Guilty Gear Strive character Bridget isn’t transgender. The deception came to light when Arc System Works’ official Twitter account made a tweet indicating that someone impersonating a customer service representative had been spreading “fabricated images made to look like official responses.” While Arc System Works’ tweet was obtuse, and low on specifics as to what exactly the misinformation pertained to, Twitter user JohnXuandou tweeted that the imposter in question had sent out a spoofed email saying that Bridget wasn’t ...